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Candy Campaign 2020

On October 24, the JJRVA 2nd and 3rd Grade Group hosted a virtual Candy Campaign and Elections program.  Jack and Jill's will learn about the democracy and voting process by hearing from JJRVA Mom Sabrina Gross, who runs her own campaign for RVA School Board. Jacks and Jills then heard from National Author, Tiffany Lanier who joined us by video to tell us a little about her book, I Can't Wait to Vote. Jill, Morgan read a few pages from the book, and everyone took a fun quiz on voting to win a copy of the book. We ended the program with a Candy Campaign! Each Jack and Jill presented a 30-second campaign speech on why we should vote for their favorite candy. Jacks and Jills made campaign posters and even dressed up as their favorite candy. This engaging program accomplishes several objectives to include exposing children to the democratic process of running for office and the right to vote. Additionally, spotlighting a black author makes book publishing an attainable goal for our Jacks and Jills.

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